What Is Streetwear? // GCDS

What Is Streetwear? // GCDS
1Sunglasses, Celine
2Earring, Luv Aj
3Bodysuit, GCDS
4Skirt, Reformation
5Shoes, Public Desire

Happy Friday beautiful readers of the internet! I’ve been waiting patiently all week to buy a new dress to go dancing in. So tonight will be the night, you’ll soon see what my ideal going out dress will be! I’m super excited because I’ve been docking some of my best recent looks on tape for you guys. I love making the look videos because I get to feel like a model even though I have curves and am only 5’8. I get to be my own personal model maybe just not the Kate Moss archetype.

Anywho! I have been seeing that streetwear brands are been blowing up. You may be wondering… What is street wear? Is it just what you wear walking down the street? Not gonna lie I had the same questions at first. But streetwear is a distinctive style of street fashion rooted in the Californian surf and skate community. But it basically covers hip-hop fashion, Japanese street style, and your modern couture. The look is great because it adds a nice edge to the style game. If you’ve kept up with my style you probably could tell, I’m not so edgy. But I’m all for taking on new aesthetics and giving a new look or brand a whirl! So this was pretty much my take on street wear. I put some GCDS on my back, which is one of my favorite streetwear brands for sure. It actually stands for “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear”. A bit extra I know…

I paired the Camo Printed GCDS bodysuit with a bright red leather Reformation skirt. My go-to Public Desire boots. You know I’m always raving about Public Desire. I never fail to get complimented when I wear them.

Please enjoy my video! I put it to the song “Nights” by my favorite male artist Frank Ocean.


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