Reformation Had A Vintage Fair!

Reformation Had A Vintage Fair!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Reformation, so I was super excited to see that they recently made some updates to their stores which are now super futuristic yet incredibly minimalistic. For recycled clothes they’re sure keeping things fresh! They have big touch screen panels on the wall in store for you to look through the collections and add items which will be awaiting you in your fitting room. You can even plug in your own music! So while they’re stepping into the future they’re also taking it back by opening up vintage stores. They even has a Vintage Fair with different vintage booths. How dreamy is that? I had such a wonderful time and took  some iPhone pics of me at the Vintage Fest. Wearing of course, Reformation!

Dress: Reformation

Backpack: Gucci

Shoes: Boohoo

Featured my BFF @Daphneblunt (tostylewithlove)


Come back soon darlin!

Jennessa x

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