Last Night At The Met Ball!

Last Night At The Met Ball!

The theme, Avant Garde. The year, 2017. The fashion was… Extreme?

Yes, indeed. Last night marks this years annual Met Ball, held at the New York Metropolitan Museum celebrating the costume institute and design. This year was honoring Comme Des Garcons with an “avant garde” theme. Making the sky the limit for getting experimental. This is one of my favorite nights in fashion because it’s as if all the best designers get to pick out a Barbie-Doll (aka a celebrity of their choice) and dress them up for a ball! Showcasing the freshest couture as the guests make their way up the met steps.

Hmm Anna Wintour must’ve sent my invitation to the wrong address…. Anywho! Here are the best, most extravagant, or at least just memorable looks of this years Met Ball.

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