Into The Jungle

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I’m stepping into the jungle of summertime with a bold animal print jacket and matching skirt. This outfit is setting the tone to my whole summer. Bold and wild! I love wearing matching sets in the summer, because they show just the right amount of skin. Plus you can mismatch with separate pieces to create other looks. This super bold…

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Outfit Of The Day: Sunset Blvd

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1Sunglasses, Ray-Ban
2Bodysuit, BooHoo
3Pants, H&M

The transition from summer to fall has hit me like a pile of bricks, because summer went by in a flash! Not to mention I was all ready for sweaters and latte’s yet it’s still still all sunshine. So with all this confusion between the weather, what’s trendy, and all of the fashion being declared from the fashion weeks. I’m just…

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New Album Release: James Blake

Music Posts May 18, 2016 0 Comments

James Blake who released his alternative album back in 2013, “Overgrown”, won the hearts of Americans and music lovers globally. He’s a British music producer, writer, and singer who creates contemporary electronic music that seriously gives chills you guys. His clever yet subtle lyrics combined with his textured music is the perfect album to listen to on a long car drive or…

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Welcome to Pop Tart Music!

Music May 11, 2016 0 Comments

Happy Thursday foxes! And welcome to Pop Tart Music! The name “Pop Tart” partially comes from my love of Pop Culture, including my obsession with music. I keep up with music just as much as I keep up with fashion, so I thought it was about time I opened a music section. Here we can talk about cool artists, new…

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