Officially a BoohooGirl!

Collabs Looks Posts September 8, 2016 3 Comments
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I am so stoked to officially be a BoohooGirl! When people in need of a shopping spree ask me where I recommend they shop, I always say to check out BooHoo. Boohoo is a UK brand with an awesome selection of stylish clothes online. Almost every day I’m wearing something from them, whether that be a basic bralette or a cute…

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Online Shopping / Glitters For Dinner

Collabs Looks November 1, 2015 9 Comments

One of my current favorite online stores is Glitters For Dinner, I fell in love when I found them about a year back and am forever obsessed. It’s fantastic because I feel like I found my online shopping soulmate. If you’re a regular, you know by now that I’m a sucker for a good skirt set. Now I don’t have to hunt them down from store to store on Melrose. In conclusion: Online shopping can be really rad.

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Collabs Looks October 11, 2015 0 Comments

Emily Ratajkowski not only seems to be my new muse, but everybody’s muse, as she is pretty much everywhere, from the big screen to the catwalk and everywhere in-between. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she also possesses such a strong charm and an amazing sense of style that has inspired today’s look. Emily is constantly posting photos…

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