20 days of coachella

The countdown has begun to one of the biggest music festivals, Coachella 2016. Every day over the next 20 days, POP TART will be bringing you a new post relating to the festival. From fashion to bands to trends to festival tips and even to the trip to the desert, 20 Days of Coachella, will prepare and excite you for Coachella 2016.

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COACHELLA 2017: Style Watch

20 DAYS OF COACHELLA Coachella Posts Trend Watch April 15, 2017 0 Comments

Coachella 2017 is here! The music festival that has become one of the most talked about fashion staples of the year is alive and well. This could be because Coachella doubles as our source of what we can look forward to for spring/summer style for the rest of the year. It’s when your favorite artists/actors/models/bloggers take their steps onto the…

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20 Days of Coachella | DAY 17: The Coachella Checklist

20 DAYS OF COACHELLA Posts April 12, 2016 2 Comments

DAY 17: THE COACHELLA CHECKLIST It’s crunch time Pop Tarts! My feeds on all social media are flooded with posts about getting ready for the big spectacular weekend in front of us. I think this has been the most hyped up Coachella ever. People just can’t wait to dance around half naked in the desert! At this point getting that…

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20 Days of Coachella | DAY 15: Last Minute Shoppers

20 DAYS OF COACHELLA Posts April 10, 2016 4 Comments

 Today is day 15 of the countdown, which means there are only 5 days left till Coachella! If you’re planning on ordering something online to wear, I suggest you do it now because the deadline is creeping up around the corner! Once this small window for shipping and handling passes, our last resort comes down to doing some real-life human…

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20 Days of Coachella | DAY 13: Festival Beauty Essentials

20 DAYS OF COACHELLA Posts April 6, 2016 2 Comments

Happy day 13 Pop Tarts! Today we are talking all about festival beauty essentials for both festivals and that spring/summertime sun. The thing about wearing beauty products while being more active in warmer weather is that you don’t really wanna overdo it. If you have a full face of thick makeup on it’s going to appear conspicuous and also not feel…

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