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  • French Pride

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    On a gloomy afternoon in Hollywood I decided that I’m am craving to be in Paris. But I especially wanted to shine a light. With the recent tradegies is Nice, I wanted to show my French pride and encourage you all to spread our love for France. So I thought I would use fashion to […]

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  • I’m Your National Anthem

    I’m Your National Anthem: Happy Birthday America! Today is your special day where we celebrate all the great things this country I was made in has to offer. In-n-out, Hamilton, and most importantly, freedom! I’m proud to be an American, like most Americans, which is why we deck ourselves out on the fourth of July […]

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  • Trend Watch: Cobain Frames

    cobain frames, jennessa rose, pop tart

    Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana who unfortunately passed back in the 90’s became an  icon and fashion figure for his trademark white framed oval glasses. These glasses are making a comeback this year, and have been revamped by some of our favorite edgy French designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Acne Studios. Cobain Frames are a […]

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    comme des garcon, jennessa rose

    COMME des GARÇON: Once upon a time, I kept on seeing this illustration of a little red heart with eyes everywhere. I first saw it on Harry Styles’ blouse, then on the clothing of every fashion blogger that I love. I was very curious to know what this little heart was. Thank goodness for Google, […]

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    melrose place, jennessa rose, pop tart

    Melrose Place might be your favorite 90’s teenage drama series, or it might be your go to place to shop and eat. Recently, it’s become my new place for the most delicious matcha latte boba from the cutest cafe ever, Alfreds Tea Room! Some have said that Melrose is only acceptable past Fairfax. I personally […]

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  • PROM


    If you’re going to prom, the first concern is obviously picking the dress. I think the best way to pick your dress is to figure out what kind of look you want to go for. Usually for me, I know it’s the one when I see it. My own little love at first sight complex. […]

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  • New Album Release: James Blake

    james blake, pop tart, music

    James Blake who released his alternative album back in 2013, “Overgrown”, won the hearts of Americans and music lovers globally. He’s a British music producer, writer, and singer who creates contemporary electronic music that seriously gives chills you guys. His clever yet subtle lyrics combined with his textured music is the perfect album to listen to on […]

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    why fashion is cool, pop tart, fashion, importance of fashion, jennessa rose, fashion blog

    I’m a recently turned 18-year-old girl who has a fashion blog. But for some reason, I feel the need to defend fashion. Fashion has a reputation for being a shallow and superficial interest or hobby. But it’s not. And here’s why fashion is cool: If you have ever… Looked at somebody who looked good in […]

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  • Met Fever

    met fever, met gala looks throughout the years, jennessa rose, pop tart, met gala fashion, met gala, met gala 2016

    Met Fever – Iconic Looks of Last Year’s Met Gala Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic moments of last year’s Met Gala to get you feelin the fever! The annual Met Gala that notoriously takes place in New York City is one of the most praised guest lists in town. Who […]